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What is Reachoo?

Reachoo provides a revolutionary platform for local buyers and sellers using videos to sell or promote their products, services, and personals for FREE!

Video makes it cool: Reachoo is an innovative website using video for your classified listings. The video listing would be much more interactive with video than any regular listing with just images. The buyers can have a better idea of what they're purchasing or the type of services they're looking for with videos.

Reachoo distributes your listings: Once you post a listing on Reachoo, we redistribute your listings to hundreds of other classifieds websites that we partner with, providing free traffic to your listings. This way Reachoo helps connect the buyers and the sellers within the community to make transactions with ease.

Who can Reachoo? Everybody that is at the age of 13 or above.

Why Should You Reachoo?

We import listings from different classified services on the web. Therefore, we have millions of listings from thousands of locations for you to search and browse from.

How We Reach For You.... Saving You Time, Effort, and Money!

When you post a listing on, we post your listing automatically to Oodle, Walmart, Claz, Trovit, Yakaz, Rentals, Listingsdeck, Mitula and hundreds more! Reachoo credits to our most outstanding and killer feature of all, syndication. We syndicate users' listings everywhere on the web once they post it on Reachoo.

We're still expanding with syndication partners everyday! So you can sit back, relax, and let us reach out everywhere on the web with your listing(s).


How do I search for listings on Reachoo?

If you are wanting to use Reachoo to find certain listings or offers around your area, our ‘search’ tab is at most convenient for your needs and will lead to your specific or general findings. We provide search options, including location, price, categories, and even specificities of decription on the certain item, service, or such you are looking for!

How can I subscribe to alerts system on Reachoo?

To make it more convenient, we have Reachoo Alerts! where you can provide your e-mail that you’d like to receive updates on your specified searches on. Say you’d like a Macbook for school or for work within a price range in your city, you can enter your e-mail after setting your specific search and you will receive email

How Much Is It To Use Reachoo? It’s Free!

We make it free during our beta testing period, so take advantage while it lasts! In the future, we will have a minimum charge for our subscribed customers who will be provided with syndication features and other advanced features yet to come! Get outstanding results for your listings for free!

How do I post a listing on Reachoo?

Each Step, A Higher Reach - Easy like 1, 2, 3!
1. You Reachoo:
Listing Type - Offer of Wanted
Location: Pick a location for your listing
Details of your listing:
2. Be Creative on Reachoo:
Images - Click on upload button if you have images to upload for your listing. Hold the SHIFT or CTRL key to post multiple images.
Video - Click on the upload button if you have a video to upload listing for your listing. The acceptable formats are .FLV .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, .MP4 and .MPG. and maximum video size is 100 MB.
3. Your Contact Info (optional):
Street address, City & State, Zip Code

What should I know about Reachoo’s listings?

Video Formats: Reachoo accepts .FLV .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, .MP4 and .MPG.

Video Size Limit: Reachoo's acceptable video size is 100 MB and under.

One Video Per Listing: You can only post one video per listing. The video normally takes a few minutes to an hour to appear on the listing.

Listing Content: Reachoo serves the needs of classified listings of different areas including housing, sales, events or promotions, and jobs and services. However, you cannot post any offensive or solicit material as per privacy policy, or else such videos will be deleted.

How long can my listing be there? Your listing will expire after 45 days from the day you posted it.

Popularize Your Listing! If you want to increase traffic and views and receive more responses for your listing, you want to be as detailed as possible when posting it. Post images, or even better, video for your listings or services!

Um, that’s inappropriate! If you find a listing that is offensive or inappropriate, please click on the “Report Spam” button on the listing and it will be flagged. Our team will remove the listing if we find that it is indeed inappropirate.

I am Interested in the listing. How can I contact the seller? On the right hand side of the listing, there is a “Contact” tab available, next to ‘Description’ and ‘Map’, above the listing poster where an e-mail form is provided.

Any limit to the number of listings I can post? No, there is no limit at the moment. But as traffic increases, we have to set a time limit in order to free up space on the server.

How can I make a video for my listing?

You can simply make a video of the listing you’re trying to sell from your phone, camera, webcam, or camcorder and post the video for your listing on Reachoo. Using our Reachoo app is easiest way to post a video listing if you have the videos on your phone.

Is Reachoo Safe To Use?

How can I verify the quality of the listing?
Offering a varied range of thousands of posts and users, Reachoo can not check the liability behind every video and post. We ask the Reachoo user to make their own mature judgements and follow up to their decisions. We highly recommend to be very careful within money exchanges or telegrams through business such as Western Union and suggest to avoid money transfers overseas. We also have our Spam button on every listing, thus one can report to Reachoo if any issues or suspicions occur among approaching a certain listing or a Reachoo account.
How can I make sure that the seller is legitimate?
To do our part in facilitating your experience on Reachoo, we have our new reputation system, a Rating System to let you review and rate the seller upon successful transactions. This enable us to build and establish more trust in the user or owner of the listing and also eases communication between the Reachoo buyers, sellers/promoters, and our Customer support staff. The continuous feedback allows users to express their opinions and share their experiences.

How can I Partner With Reachoo?

Aggregate Partners: Got listings to distribute?
With a million pageviews a month along with half a million users, partnering with is a great way to gain more traffic exposure to your site. Therefore, your listings will not only gain great traffic from our site but also from our partners’ sites for FREE. Your listings could potentially reach millions of users daily by partnering with us. Our current aggregate partners include: Oodle, Walmart, Claz, Trovit, Yakaz, Rentals, Mitula, Zillow, Yahoo real estate and more!
Need content for your site? You can be our Syndicated partner!
Reachoo offers a feed where you can obtain the listings from us automatically. We have millions of listings and we syndicate users' listings on many sites from the web once they post it on Reachoo. The many listings that we feature vary greatly from automotive to real estate; personals listings to video resumes; for sale listings to small business listings, and more! So if you believe your website can do well with our content, show us your interest in being a syndicated partner!
Who can partner with Reachoo?
Anybody could be a potential partner of Reachoo, whether you are an auto dealer, real estate broker, service provider, employer, small business owner or a personals service.

How can I rate and provide feedback for a particular Reachoo user?

When viewing a user’s public profile, a “Write a Review” button is available for you to rate a user and leave feedback for the user based on your transaction with them. This will help build the reputation of the user and enhance future experiences of other users who will also have transactions with them.

How do I report a bug or leave feedbacks to the site?

Please contact us via the contact form or reach us at All your input is welcome. We’d love to assist you and hear from you!

Is there an iphone app for Reachoo?

Yes! We have an iphone app and it’s available on the app store
You can shoot a video from your Iphone for your item or your business and post a video listing with ease in minutes.

How do I contact a seller about an ad on Reachoo?

Once you have logged into Reachoo, you can click on the green “contact” tab to the right of an ad. You can use Gmail or your preferred email client to contact the seller. Use the email address that gets loaded when outlook express is popped up.

Do I need a Facebook account to use Reachoo?

Though signing up for Reachoo with your Facebook account makes signing in fast and simple, you do not need to sign up with a Facebook account. Users can easily create an account using their email after clicking on the green “sign up” tab on the upper right corner of our home page.

How do I sign up for Reachoo?

You can sign up for Reachoo by blue “Facebook” login tab, or with your email using the green “Sign Up” tab, both located in the upper right hand corner of our homepage.